Social Media Marketing Agency Elements

Every social media marketing agency should have an organized and compartmentalized structure so that workings and key functions would be handled properly. Just like a well oiled machine, different parts perform a variety of functions to make the whole machine work the way it was designed.

For a social media marketing agency, there are five areas or responsibilities which should be addressed by personnel. As an agency is a group of people, every one who is part of it should work according to the functions require of them. For your convenience, here they are:

Administrative. This pertains mainly to the brains of the social media marketing agency. Without an effective central thinking and decision making body, other components and areas would fail to work efficiently. Even it each compartment would be able to function on its own, its effects would have no bearing as there would be no supervisor to control the flow of output.

Marketing. This is the main driver of the business. Since this part of any online business would be responsible in advertising and promotion, their delivery and dissemination of information to the different target audiences will determine a big part in goal attainment criteria. Without proper marketing, business sense is not utilized well.

Support group. This area is responsible in keeping audiences within the circle of potential clients for the social media marketing agency. This may be done through clarifications, active interactions with the customers who may have questions and concerns, or even post sales queries. Without this, customer retention is severely hampered.

Technical. Often unseen by clients, this is responsible in keeping the online website up and running. It may not have a direct relation with customer interaction, but without a functional technical group, websites may lose productivity and profit when downtime due to technicalities occurs. Also, viral attacks may occur and render websites useless or damaging.

Auditing. This component is the evaluating arm of the company in terms of attained set goals and efficiency in productivity. By being able to determine the efficiency of all other components’ productivity, benchmarking measures could be set for further improvement or alteration of business strategies.

Having a healthy and free flowing communication between the components results to a healthy and competitive social media marketing agency. While one person could take responsibility in more than one area, it would be best for an agency to have one person focusing on a single task for best results.

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