6 Powerful Winter Super-Foods You Must Eat This Season


6 Powerful Winter Super-Foods You Must Eat This Season

When you see people buttoning their sleeves and wearing the shawl, you know winter is approaching! As you curl up in your blanket early morning, a hundred reasons as to why you should not leave home will circle your mind. Alas, that cannot be the case. So you might as well be cheerful and active instead of letting lethargy ruin your day. There are many foods, specifically available and enjoyed during this season, that can help battle the cold months. They help you keep warm and provide nutrients that are most necessary for the body during this season. Along with consuming these winter-specific super-foods, we should derive important nutrients from a wide range of food items. According to Dr. Mukta Vasistha, H.O.D Nutrition and Dietetics, Sir Gangaram Hospital, one should focus on a balanced diet throughout the year. Every food item available to us by the grace of Mother Nature is super. Nevertheless, here are 6 Super Foods that she recommends this winter so that you have a healthy and energetic winter. Take a look:

1. Sweet Potatoes

Go easy on calories and high on nutrients with sweet potatoes this winter. Although they have higher sugar content than your regular potato, but its nutritional value is way higher. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber, vitamin A, and potassium. Regular consumption can help in curing constipation, improve your immunity and is known to reduce inflammation.

2. Turnip and Its Leaves

This starchy vegetable is an excellent anti-oxidant which is known to help in reducing the risk of cancer. It is rich in vitamin K and its leaves have a generous content of vitamin A. Consumption of turnip and its leaves will help your body to improve your over-all cardiovascular health apart from strengthening your bones and improving your digestion.

3. Dates

The lower fat content present in dates helps you to keep your weight in check. They are a power-house of nutrients and a must-have for people who go to the gym. Regular intake of dates help your body to stay warm during winters.

4. Almonds and Walnuts

Regular intake of almonds and walnuts in winters ensures an active nervous system, improved sensitivity to insulin, a healthy heart and body. Why eat them alone when you can combine them with apricots in this recipe.

5. Ragi

The best way for a vegan to consume calcium is to have ragi. Apart from this, ragi helps to control diabetes and anemia. It is known to help with conditions of Insomnia, anxiety and depression.

6. Bajra

This tiny cute little millet variety is high on fat, rich in protein and fiber. The high iron content plays a vital role in curing anemia. If consumed on a regular basis, millet can help to strengthen your bones.

 There’s just one way to live a healthy life and that is by having a holistic approach to health; one that includes balanced eating with regular exercising. Your everyday diet should constitute of something or the other from all the 5 food groups, namely, milk and dairy products, poultry products, grains, fruits and vegetables. Apart from these, you should also give your body the fluid content it requires for healthy functioning. On an average, a person requires 30ml of fluids per kg of body weight to be able to maintain his/her body’s fluid content. The best way to consume seasonal super foods is to incorporate them in your everyday balanced diet. That way, your body will get the best of both worlds and you, the best of health!

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